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Building a Legacy

Forty Years of Memories for the Paters and Their Family

The Paters have been coming to Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort for the majority of our 50 years. “Our first trip to Hilton Head was in 1978,” says Gerry Pater. “We returned in 1979 and discovered Palmetto Dunes, and immediately fell in love with it.”

In 1979, they decided to purchase a lot at Palmetto Dunes. Within a year they’d built their home and moved in, in June of 1980. Over the years the Paters have been able to watch Palmetto Dunes grow and improve. “We remember the excitement when they broke ground for Shelter Cove, and I remember getting our trusty station wagon stuck in the sand during the construction,” Gerry recalls.

As the years went by and Palmetto Dunes grew, so did the Pater family. “Our three daughters grew up spending at least a couple of weeks at our home in Palmetto Dunes and now our ten grandchildren are growing up loving the island and Palmetto Dunes just as their grandparents and parents do.”

With family-friendly activities like bike rides, Palmetto Dunes beach, tennis clinics, and fun events, it’s no surprise that Palmetto Dunes has become the Pater’s favorite place for a Hilton Head Island family vacation.

“Building our home in Palmetto Dunes was the best decision that we ever made,” says Gerry. “It is truly our home away from home (Hamilton, Ohio), and it always will be. The island has grown tremendously since we built our home almost forty years ago. We remember well the two-lane road from far off the island all the way to Sea Pines Circle. We remember the swinging bridge over the intercoastal, for which we stopped for any boat of any size to pass. But Palmetto Dunes has retained its intimacy and privacy, for which we are most grateful and just another reason why we love it so!”

Thank you so much to Gerry for sharing his Palmetto Dunes story. Here’s to many more years of Pater memories and family get-togethers!

How has your family enjoyed Palmetto Dunes over the past 50 years? Tell us your story. If you’re looking to experience a Palmetto Dunes family vacation yourself, browse our vacation deals and start planning.

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