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Celebrating Together

Arlene had the perfect excuse to visit Palmetto Dunes. “It’s actually my first time here,” says the grandmother from Nova Scotia, Canada. “My son and daughter-in-law have been coming here for years, and this year it’s her 50th birthday so the whole family decided to come down to celebrate.”

To celebrate together, and yet still enjoy their own personal space, the family rented a vacation home in Mooring Buoy—a perfect location to enjoy all of the activities that Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort has to offer. “I can’t get over the area, it’s huge!” exclaims Arlene.

It’s a hot, sunny morning, and Arlene is playing spectator to her daughter-in-law and her brother as they spar on the center court at the Tennis Center. “She’s been playing tennis her whole life and her brother is a Pro, so he’s helping her get ready for an upcoming tournament. It’s fabulous.”

Since arriving, the family has enjoyed the tennis facilities, the shopping, biking around the resort, and walking on the beach. “This place is awesome. Anything you want to do is here,” she says. The family is even enjoying the convenient location of the resort. They’re planning an excursion to Savannah to explore the nearby historic town. As for Arlene’s first impressions of Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort? “There’s nothing not to like about it!”

Thanks for sharing your story, Arlene. Here’s to many more happy birthdays and fun family memories. To share your 50th anniversary story, visit

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